A Rich History

VisionIT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vision Information Technologies, Inc. whose deep history includes remarkable strides in nearly every way – in community and philanthropic efforts, operational growth, new client partnerships, national recognition, pioneering game-changing technologies and in furthering its reputation as an employer of choice. We believe that the choices a company makes in its history are indicative of its culture and character – for VisionIT, the success along its journey has come as much from its soul as from its exceptional services.

Years: VisionIT is Founded During the Internet Revolution

Amid rapid growth of the Internet revolution, VisionIT was founded in 1997 by David H. Segura (current CEO) in Detroit, Michigan. David utilized his technology skills to sell and deliver consulting and technology services to corporations and government agencies. VisionIT established a solid reputation in the Michigan market for providing web and application solutions.

1999-2004: Growth in the Staffing Services Sector

After a successful launch of the company and strong customer base, Vision Information Technologies, Inc. began to find more and more opportunities among Fortune 500 corporations looking for IT talent. Christine Rice (current President) joined the organization with an extensive background in human resources within the technology services industry. The company built internal systems for tracking and managing the flow of contract opportunities and developed industry best practices for the recruiting and deployment of personnel. By the end of 2004, Vision Information Technologies, Inc. was highlighted in Inc. Magazine (Inc. 500) as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America.

2005: Master Service Provider

As the demand for outsourced IT talent increased, new client needs emerged to achieve cost savings initiatives and to oversee and manage a diverse supplier base, VisionIT developed a solution to manage these suppliers using a supplier management model including processes and technology while becoming a trusted supplier to oversee the payments to sub-vendors. VisionIT began its expansion in the Midwest including Cleveland and Chicago. In 2005, VisionIT was highlighted for the 2nd time in Inc. Magazine (Inc. 500) as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America.

2006: IT Managed Services

Supporting some of the largest IT Managed Services programs in the United States with other major IT integrators, Vision Information Technologies, Inc. leveraged these experiences and senior personnel to win directly the largest IT outsourced contract in the U.S. with a public school district. The company also continued to expand U.S. operations opening offices in the South Region including Atlanta and Dallas

2007-2008: Continued Expansion Across the United States

Vision Information Technologies, Inc. furthered its aggressive growth throughout the United States while expanding heavily throughout the Northeast region (Boston to Washington D.C.). It received many national awards for its rapid growth, and significantly added to its expanding list of Fortune 500 clients and major government agencies.

2009-2012: Global Expansion in India, Philippines, Mexico and Urban Onshore in U.S.

Vision Information Technologies, Inc. added strong talent possessing global experience to its executive leadership ranks leading to expansion in India, Philippines and Mexico. The company leveraged its own off-shore and near-shore solutions while investing heavily in Puebla, Mexico in its technology recruiting and delivery center. Also Detroit-based Urban OnshoreSM continued to expand by performing IT services from this U.S. operation. Vision Information Technologies, Inc. also strategically added senior level IT talent to its internal operations expanding its consulting and services business. The company implemented and operates one of the largest Master Service Provider programs in the U.S. for a Global 150 corporation. Senior level talent joined the team to continue to position Vision Information Technologies, Inc. for the future.

2013: MobileForce

Vision Information Technologies, Inc. made its first major investment into another corporation, MobileForce Software based in Silicon Valley. The company continues to innovate new technologies into its delivery of services and product offerings riding the next wave of technology transformation occurring in mobility.

2015-2016: Transformation

Vision Information Technologies, Inc. has been in an outstanding position and has solidified its place as a top performing and highly sought after provider to major corporations and government agencies in the U.S. and Global markets. The company realigned its operational and branding model, launching three wholly-owned subsidiaries in 2015 – VisionIT, VisionPRO and Prime Workforce.  At the end of 2016, the company decided to invest more management cycles on VisionIT and VisionPRO, focusing efforts on those higher performing businesses.  A decision was also made to exit the Managed Contingent Workforce Solution market, divesting the Prime Workforce Solutions assets. David Segura remained as CEO of VisionIT, and Christine Rice, who had been serving as President of the joint business units now operates as the CEO of VisionPRO.

2017: Formation of Practices and Product Development

VisionIT has grown into a key purveyor of custom software development work for clients and has cultivated a strong expertise in ERP cloud, information archiving, mobile, infotainment, and IoT.  Technology practices have been created for SAP, Information Archiving, and Vehicle Systems. We are driving significant benefits to the healthcare industry through our partnership with Henry Ford Health Systems on the care team collaboration application CareTrail, an example of our leadership in technology innovation.  As 2017 progresses, VisionIT is capitalizing on key partnerships and delivering critical solutions to our clients, helping them achieve their most important business objectives.